A Magical Journey to the Heart of the French Alps

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Château de Monterminod identifies hillsides and grapes from its 10-acre boutique vineyard located on the sun-drenched hills of the French Alps to make what has reputedly become the best white wine from Savoie. As our objective is to produce the best quality wine made from the Altesse grape variety, we respect the 1,000-year old tradition of this vineyard and follow specific winemaking rules. While committed to the tradition of the vineyard and producing a limited quantity of this delicate and refreshing beverage, we have been pioneer in bringing modernity to our production to take the product to a higher standard. As winemakers, our pleasure is to protect and promote the heritage from Château de Monterminod.

A Tribute to a 1,000 year-old French tradition


The vineyard of Château de Monterminod, located in the Savoie region of France, was created following an 11th century law passed by Saint Odilon, the archbishop of the Cluny Abbey. Saint Odilon wanted to produce wine for the clergymen recently settled 20 miles West of the property. Princess Anne of Cyprus, called “the most beautiful princess in the world” who later became Duchess of Savoie, gave her name to the grape variety that she brought with her from Paris, the “cépage Altesse”. Today, we pay tribute to this history and produce in limited edition white wine called L'Altesse, a refreshing white wine characterized by its floral, honey-like taste and delicate mouth-coating texture.